Hi, I’m Mary!

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I’m a trusted, local delivery professional who specializes in quick errand runs for people in a pinch.

I’ll pick up and deliver virtually anything within a 10-mile radius from downtown Geneva.

I offer TWO types of deliveries - ASAP and LATER.  If you need something in two hours or less, send in an ASAP request. If you need to schedule a delivery later in the day or another date, send in a LATER request.

Just tell me where to go - What items to grab - And I’ll deliver directly to your door.

It's that simple!

Schedule Delivery

$25/Hour + Travel



Mary is the absolute BEST! I highly recommend his services to everyone, especially moms who over-extend ourselves daily! ;)
— Megan H.
Mary is a class act! ...
— Jackie L.
Mary Meyer of Errand Up saved the day! ...
— Jen E.