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Hi, I’m Dan - the Errand Up Dude!

I’m a trusted, local delivery professional who specializes in quick errand runs for people in a pinch.

My team and I pick up and deliver virtually anything within a 10-mile radius from downtown Geneva.

We offer TWO types of deliveries - ASAP and LATER.  If you need something in two hours or less, send in an ASAP request. If you need to schedule a delivery later in the day or another date, send in a LATER request.

Just tell us where to go - What items to grab - And we’ll deliver directly to your door with a smile.

It's that simple!



Customer Reviews

I love that it’s a one stop shop for all things delivery/errand related. I don’t need one contact for takeout, another for groceries, another for dry cleaning pickup, and another to run to the store downtown geneva that always closes before I get off work. I love that there’s someone I can call to help me surprise my family with little treats and meals while I’m traveling for work.
The level of care and service has no equal around here. The price I pay is always going to be the same as if I went to the store myself (I like all the other grocery delivery services), my meal will ALWAYS be right and on time (unlike every takeout delivery service), and if there’s ever a question, I know Dan or his team will reach out to make sure they get it right the first time.
Consistently accurate, on time, and done with the personal touch of someone who genuinely wants to help make life easier for busy people.
— Sarah J. | Geneva, IL
Dan is the absolute BEST! I highly recommend his services to everyone, especially moms who over-extend ourselves daily! ;) Dan keeps everything running smoothly and offers a hand when needed!! Thank you, Dan!
— Megan H. | St. Charles, IL
Dan is a class act! Not only is he prompt to return messages, but he also takes care in attention to detail. I would recommend his services to anyone. He adds the caring and human element to delivery services. Thanks again, Dan!
— Jackie L. | Batavia, IL
Dan Pitts of Errand Up saved the day! So glad he popped into my mind when I realized I had to be too many places at once! He whipped together what I asked for like it was nothing— ballon bouquet, card and Graham’s chocolates birthday delivery to a dear friend who is stuck in the hospital in isolation on his birthday! I feel so great to know that Errand Up has my back when in a pinch! You rock Dan!
— Jen E. | St. Charles, IL
Once again Errand Up came to the rescue! I can’t believe how lucky we are to have such an amazing company in the Fox Valley!! If you are in a pinch and don’t have anyone else to ask for help, Errand Up is the perfect solution...What amazing customer service! You guys are like my single parent fairy godmother/father!
— Shelley R. | St. Charles, IL
No task is to small for Errand Up! Dan has rescued me on a few occasions when I need my son’s favorites in my shopping order. Faster than other apps and much more personable!
— Lauren S. | St. Charles, IL

You name it…We deliver it.


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