Dan Pitts, Owner Errand Up

Dan Pitts, Owner Errand Up

My philosophy is simple:

"Live a life void of distraction." 

Distractions are everywhere!  They feed on our attention and are void of any real purpose. They prevent us from becoming our best selves, and stall us from achieving our goals.  It's easy to invite them in, but it's really hard to kick them out.  

Of the millions of distractions fighting for our attention, I believe errands are among the worst; they are nothing more than fruitless endeavors that rob our attention and time.

But we have goals and aspirations, don't we? How can we pursue them if we are constantly running around from store to store, doing chore after chore?  Enough is enough! 

My mission is to encourage you to eliminate distractions from your life so you can pursue a lifestyle FULL of meaning and purpose. Start eliminating the distractions from your life one-by-one, and set out to achieve something great!  

Start with Errand Up.